This one time I jumpd a fence and slammd my hed then tried to stnd up and was blasted with firehos force back onto the ground and slammd my hed again. It was just a little head trauma. They said it miht efect my memry but I havn’t noiced anthing. Choosing Dragon (Wyvern rider) talent lets both Corrin and Jakob fly and use tomes, which is amazing for BR rout maps and allows them to contribute more easily in Defeat boss maps. Jakob doesn immediately need to go Paladin and can simply stay Butler (1 2 range combat) a bit longer then instantly go Malig Knight to allow Corrin to use the first Heart seal instead.Gwimpage [M] 70 points submitted 1 year agoYou fought bravely courageous warrior, but unfortunately for you and your ragtag band of teenagers it far too late to stop my master plan. You haven even realized that I already replaced several of the non weeb moderators with robots that do my bidding without question.

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